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Get our entire album for only one penny.


Get our entire album for only one penny.

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Scarlet Rain

The full length debut album from ShatterRed. 11 songs. Melodies that penetrates the heart. Lyrics that won’t leave you the same.

Scarlet Rain

The full length debut album from ShatterRed. 13 tracks. Melodies that penetrates the heart. Lyrics that won’t leave you the same.


Here’s why we’re doing this…

We have some of the best fans in the world.

They love our music. For some of our fans, these are fun songs to jam out to on a long drive. For others, these songs have literally changed their lives.

We had an idea.

We receive over a dozen emails every sing day, many of them filled with stories about the impact of this music. We worked so hard on these songs. This is exactly what we were hoping to accomplish.

But we realized that there were so many more people out there who had never gotten a chance to enjoy this music and hear the truth embedded in these lyrics.

That’s why we started giving away songs for free — that way the world could hear our songs without any concern about a price. We’ve had over TWELVE THOUSAND PEOPLE download our free songs. This was incredibly. Something truly powerful was happening.

And then we decided to take it even further…

Making music is expensive. Studio time, equipment, mixing, mastering, DAW software, distribution, physical copy pressing, auxiliary instruments, album artwork, and all of the people that need to be hired to get all of that done.

We recorded and released a full length, 11 song album. For a while, we sold it for its normal price of $9.99 (still the same price on iTunes). People bought it; they loved it. The reviews started pouring in.

But we knew that the price was keeping a lot of people from purchasing the album.

We wanted to fix this.

We had a wild dream. We didn’t think it would work. We asked our fans about it. Their response amazed us.

We asked them to donate to YOU (the new fan, just checking us out for the first time). We told them that someone just like you would be browsing this website, wondering whether or not they wanted to purchase our music. We told our fan base that we didn’t want price to be a barrier. We told them that we believed in the power of this music and we’ve seen God use it time and time again.

And… our fans rallied.

They came together. They wanted YOU to own this music, and they didn’t want the cost to get in the way.

So, this album? It’s already paid for. One of our fans PURCHASED this album in advance for YOU. They paid the money so that we, as a band, don’t have to go broke, and so that you can own this album right now essentially for free.

This music means so much to them…. and they don’t want you to miss out on it.

To be clear, we do have to charge people one penny for the album. One cent is literally the smallest possibly payable form of U.S. currency. We have to charge this so that the album can be tracked by the music industry and counted as a sale.

But again, someone already purchased the rest of the cost of the album FOR YOU so that you can have it for just a single cent.


A penny has never been stretched so far.

If you go on Google and look up “what I can buy for a penny,” you will find a very short list. You’ll find items like…

A single sheet of loose leaf paper.

A single kernel of corn.

One quarter of an M&M.

One kb (one one millionth of a gigabyte) of cell phone data.

Another penny.

An 11 song (12 including the additional free single) album download is the furthest a penny has ever gone! The average song on iTunes costs $1.29. At this ratio, you could purchase 129 albums for the cost of a single song on iTunes. If we do the math… 11 songs x $1.29 = $14.19 and $14.19 / $0.01 = 1,419. So this deal right here is literally 1,419 better than the avg. cost of 11 songs on iTunes. That’s 99.93% off.

There probably isn’t anything more we could possibly say to convince you to buy this music for one penny. If you don’t want it, that’s fine… we’ll just pass your album on to the next person.

But, one of our fans really did buy this album for you. And even they don’t know your name, or your face… they did it because they knew that someone like you would be coming by this website.

And they wanted to give you the gift of music.

Also, please understand that this is a limited time offer and we will not be making it available again. And this will NEVER be available to the general public.

So, to purchase your album for just $0.01, click on the button below:

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